Each year we list the names of Independent JSLS reviewers in the journal as a way of acknowledging their service to this critically important task for the scientific community. JSLS and most other major scientific journals offer no other form of compensation or acknowledgment.

From 2017 onwards, JSLS has created a new category for reviewers who have distinguished themselves by going above and beyond the AMA PRA Category 1 credit limit to dedicate significant amount of time and effort to JSLS. These Distinguished Reviewers have completed at least 10 quality reviews for the journal within a calendar year.

Reviewers who have provided this high level of support and expertise for the past calendar year include the following:

Oscar D. Almeida, M.D.
Robert S. Berman, M.D.
Jose Carugno, M.D.
Benjamin Clapp, M.D
Osvaldo Contarini, M.D, P.A.
Hongyi Cui, M.D.
Samir Johna, M.D.
Michael S. Kavic, M.D.
Raymond J. Lanzafame, M.D.
Michael Leitman, M.D.
C.Y. Liu, M.D.
Burton Surick, M.D.

 These Distinguished Reviewers will receive a certificate denoting their exceptional contribution to the journal along with recognition at the annual meeting and on the JSLS and CR SLS websites for their outstanding service.

Thanks to all for your support of our journal’s mission and for your dedication to academic excellence.